Who Are We?

Established in 1999, NYM Ink was formed by a group of young, hopeful, and energetic Muslims in Western Canada. This group had a strong desire for Islamic work and was determined to form an organization that would create a dynamic outlet for Muslim youth to identify with. As a collective of diverse professionals with unique skills and backgrounds, the individual who make up NYMiNK decided to take action to address the gaps in supports for Muslim youth and families.

NYMiNK is a vehicle that harnesses the untapped and immense potential in the Muslim communities of Canada. Our ground-breaking programs create positive, long-term change by supporting youth and families to build the foundation for a successful future in both Dunya and Akhirah.

What Do We Do?

Since 1999, NYMiNK has challenged the status quo of popular culture and mass media, offering Canadian Muslims an opportunity to reconnect with their faith and identity. NYM Ink strives to promote confidence in Muslims across Canada and aspires to stimulate, challenge, and engage the minds of Muslims through exciting multimedia, enticing literature, professional lectures and workshops, sport tournaments and camps, as well as Islamic clothing and apparel.

Our Vision:

A group of confident and hopeful Muslims working together to serve and transform their communities.

Our Mission:

Through innovative, creative, and community-driven programs, NYMiNK aims to strengthen confidence in the Muslim identity. We aspire to unify our communities and build bridges between organizations.

We Choose:

  • Principles NOT Popularity
  • Courage NOT Fear.
  • Responsiveness NOT Reactivity.
  • Accountability NOT Excuses.
  • Collaboration NOT Politics.