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Who Are We?

Established in 1999, NYM Ink was formed by a group of young, vibrant, Western Canadian Muslims with a strong desire for Islamic work. This group sought to form an organization that would create a dynamic outlet for Muslim youth to identify themselves with. Using a multifaceted approach, NYM Ink gears its efforts towards establishing a means of integrating Islam into the lifestyle of Muslim youth today, as they take take roles of the leaders of tomorrow.

What is Our Purpose?

NYM Ink strives to promote pride in Islamic identity amongst Muslim youth in North America. We aspire to stimulate, challenge, and engage young minds through the a variety of means. Some of which include exciting multimedia; enticing literature; professional lectures and workshops; sport tournaments and camps; and last but not least, a trendy line of Islamic clothing.

NYM Ink continually strives to empower Muslim youth to incorporate Islam into their lifestyle and to become active and positive contributors to North American society.

Our Endeavours…

NYM Ink currently operates Western Canada, with roots in major cities such as Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina and Vancouver. Our projects are geared towards both those who are currently active in the area of Islamic work, as well as the community at large. Furthermore, any revenues from our projects are used to fund current and future dawah efforts. Some of our past projects include the following:

  • A Unique Brand of Clothing
  • Exclusive Dawah Materials
  • Professional Workshops and Lectures
  • Inter-City Annual Events
  • Camp Sunnah
  • Multimedia Services & Operations
Future Horizons…

NYM is always looking to add more dynamic ventures to its palette. Some plans for future projects include: professional documentary filming; prison dawah; radio broadcasts; audio/video lectures from scholars and speakers; and the continued expansion of current projects such as Camp Sunnah.

Invest in Potential. Build a Legacy. Join NYMiNK.


The best way to stay connected and support NYM and our projects is by joining the NYM Membership Program.

Collaborate & Partner

Become a partner organization on one of our many projects across Canada!

Donate & Contribute

Invest in your akhirah and support NYM’s work financially as we build a legacy for the future generations of Muslims in Canada.


Our goal at NYMiNK is to support volunteers to enhance their skills, develop strong relationships with their fellow Muslims in the community, and to ultimately become stronger Muslims!

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