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Are you prepared?

What are you preparing for right now? A meeting for work? An important presentation for school? A trip out of town?
We may be preparing for all of these things, but how are we preparing for the Day of Judgment? How are we preparing for the day that will decide the rest of our lives? The day that will either send us to the fire or the world of eternal happiness.

There are things going on in our lives that are stressful, that we are rushing our salah for, that we are skippingreading Quran for. We are not paying attention to the things that will get us to Jannah. This dunya is important but it is not as important as our akhira. The way we spend our time in this dunya will decipher how things turn out in the akhira. This is why we need to spend our time wisely. We need to prepare more for our akhira than for this dunya and the things within it.

We can start by establishing the fact that we cannot miss salah, ever. We should try not to become distracted during salah and not to rush our time. We need to remember that everything is in the hands of Allah (swt), even the things that we are rushing our salah for. It is also crucial to make dua on the daily. Everything we want and need comes from Allah swt and he has power over everything. Without Allah (swt), we are nothing and we have nothing. It should also be in our potential to establish a time everyday to read Quran. The Quran is such a significant way to become closer to the deen and to learn more about our beautiful religion.

Overall, the way we spend our time in this dunya is the most important factor in how our akhira will turn out. Don’t waste excessive amounts of time preparing for the short and temporary time we have on this dunya. Spend it preparing for your akhira because you will never know when it will be too late!

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