Reason #6 NYM Protects the Hearts & Minds of Muslim Students on Canadian Campuses

Reason #6:
Support NYM to continue striving to protect and nourish the hearts and minds of Muslim students on Canadian campuses.
NYM continually contributes to the growth and development of Muslim university students through purposeful partnerships with organizations like the United Islam Awareness Week Organization ( and the Canadian Muslim Chaplaincy Organization ( Established in 2007, the CMCO membership continues to grow and expand as its vision of a unified Muslim chaplaincy and Islamic Outreach efforts across Canada become ever more necessary.
Over the years, NYM has collaboratively hosted workshops and trainings to spread knowledge and provide university students with the skills to overcome ideological battles. This has included an interactive workshop with Dilly Hussain titled “Muslim in the Media” and a da’wah workshop with Dr. Syed Ibn Iqbal called “The Art and Science of Dawah.” Additionally, NYM has hosted consistent halaqat and events in collaboration with various universities across Canada, including the “Shades of Glory” halaqah series which focuses on gaining hope and practical lessons from the Prophet (SAWS).
To support the growth of Muslim students on Canadian campuses and instill pride in the Islamic identity through powerful programs, contribute to NYM at the link below.
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Rasha Syed

Inspired Muslimah and da'ee

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  1. I have been part of some of the efforts with the MSAs and I really enjoyed seeing the fruits of being united across Canada. Initiatives like this need our continuous support!

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