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  • Photo of State of the Ummah

    State of the Ummah

    Looking at the news today can be an extremely difficult and heartbreaking process, especially as a Muslim and seeing the extreme horrors and tragedies that are befalling our brothers and…

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  • Photo of Good Vs. Bad Emotions

    Good Vs. Bad Emotions

    Human beings experience a range of emotions in their daily lives – from happiness to sadness to anger to shame and so on. With these emotional experiences, we often hear…

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  • Photo of Courage to Obey

    Courage to Obey

    When we absorb the beauty and tranquility of the Holy city of Madinah al-Munawarrah and how this city paved the way for a thriving Islamic community, we can’t help but…

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  • Photo of Am I leading them to Jannah?

    Am I leading them to Jannah?

    When we watch or entertain ourselves with certain shows they will deaden our hearts, but by turning back to Him we can revive them. Whereas watching such shows or doing…

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  • Photo of Friday Fuel: The Soundness of the Heart

    Friday Fuel: The Soundness of the Heart

    On this beautiful fall Friday, we see thousands upon thousands of leaves are each making their own unique journey from the tree tops down through tortoises paths fueled by the whisking wind until…

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  • Photo of Positive Outlook

    Positive Outlook

    Before you’re born, your world is confined to the walls of the womb. You’re fed, you’re watered, and always protected. When you enter the world, suddenly those walls careen outwards…

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  • Photo of Detox Period

    Detox Period

    Camp Sunnah is the greatest week-long experience I have ever had the opportunity to be a part of. I have never been for Hajj or Umrah and Insha’Allah I will…

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  • Photo of Muslims in Media – A Reflection

    Muslims in Media – A Reflection

    Through the collaborative efforts between NYM Ink,  the UofS MSA, and CMCO Muslim Chaplaincy, our Saskatoon community was able to bring “Muslims in Media”, an interactive workshop that challenged Islamophobia…

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  • Photo of A True Sense of Community

    A True Sense of Community

    Community. Unity. Identity. These were the themes for the Generation Muslim Conference in Edmonton this year. It’s interesting because all three of these concepts are unique but also intricately linked.…

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  • Photo of The Lonely Ramadan

    The Lonely Ramadan

    See, in some ways I have felt that I have been ‘missing out’ on Ramadan. This perspective began to transform from a passing thought to an ingrained belief. I began…

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