Radical Islamic Honesty

Changing the Narrative

We find ourselves in a world of fake news, misguided social justice, and rampant hypocrisy resulting in further division, confusion, and doubt between people, communities, and nations. Amidst the chaos the world has witnessed an unrelenting rise in Islamophobia with far reaching influence and increasingly deadly consequences.

The root cause that feeds and fuels the existence of Islamophobia is that the common perception and understanding of Islam has been corrupted, and continually misrepresented through the efforts of some and lack thereof of others.

As the apparent battle between the left and the right rages on, identity politics, call-out culture, ‘social media justice’, and other common ideologies continue to contribute to the growing level of intolerance, and more specifically, the erosion and replacement of the true Islamic narrative. What is promoted in its place is a narrative that is made to have Islam appear unappealing, regressive, extreme, flawed, uncool, oppressive…or that which is not Islam at all.

The Islamic community is neither right nor left leaning, but aspires to stand both morally upright and confident in its practice of, and adherence to, Islam. Islam prides itself in upholding and adhering to justice through the awareness and application of the truth.

As Muslims this means to share the truth of Allah swt (God), His nature and attributes, and the nature and purpose of His creation. This is the starting point of Islamic honesty, but Islamic honesty is radical and should be known as such. Radical in the sense that it is “cool”, “amazing”, “awesome” and “able to positively challenge the status quo”.

Such honesty does not only command that we speak truth to power, but that we speak truth to everyone, the right, the left, and those from the Islamic community that have not upheld the trust of representing Islam and its Islamic honesty radically.

O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm in justice, witnesses for Allah, even if it be against yourselves or parents and relatives. Whether one is rich or poor, Allah is more worthy of both. So follow not [personal] inclination, lest you not be just. And if you distort [your testimony] or refuse [to give it], then indeed Allah is ever, with what you do, Acquainted.. – Qu’ran 4:135

Join MSA’s from all over Canada this March 8 – 12th and experience Radical Islamic Honesty and learn the true narrative about Islam, Muslims and the Islamic Community at this year’s United Islam Awareness Week 2021.


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