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Would you have the Messenger of Allah (saws)’s back?

We often get caught up in the challenges we are facing and become disheartened and downtrodden when the odds are against us. It becomes difficult to remain steadfast and to continue to work and plan for the big picture.

But when we look at the life of the Prophet (saws) and the things that he and the Sahaba (ra) faced, and when we look at what they accomplished after struggling for years we see that as the Messenger of Allah (saws) tells us: “Indeed the end is for those who have taqwa.”

Muslim Minds is a unique lectures series designed to support local Muslim communities confront the growing ideological and intellectual challenges facing Canadian Muslims. The Lecture series features discussions on Muslim Psychology and Perspectives.

Since 2017, the Muslim Minds series has supported local communities across Canada including the Greater Vancouver area, Calgary, Edmonton and the GTA. Muslim Minds aims to develop strong and confident Muslim youth, young adults, and future community leaders.

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