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Camp Sunnah – Sister’s Experience

In case you haven’t applied to Camp Sunnah yet, we here at the Imancipation Project wanted to share another testimonial from one of our sister campers from last year!

“Summer 2016 was my first time attending Camp Sunnah and that one time was enough to make an everlasting impression on me. This was not some superficial impression. The whole experience completely changed the way I managed my lifestyle, the way I organized time and the way I dealt with people. It was a wholesome experience of sisterhood, love, bonding over the sunnah and some major kitchen-skills!

Although relatively sleep-deprived, none of us felt terribly at loss of sleep because of the barakah of our routine, the refreshing boat rides, galloping on horseback amongst valleys and reflecting on the wonders of this world, praising our Creator. What made it all infinite times better was the treasure trove of knowledge we collected from our amazing, most humble Shuyukh.

I cherish with all my heart the diary in which I wrote all the reminders, the stories of our history, the contemporary lessons. When I put it all in words, it feels rather cheesy and fairytale-like. But that is exactly what it was! Loved every moment and I make dua that Allah makes it easy for me to attend this year, once again!”

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