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Defending Manhood

Sh. Abu Taubah | LifeHaqq Podcast Season 2 [Ep 51] 2/2

Welcome back to Part 2 with Sh. Abu Taubah, Dr. Syed & MSA brothers in a discussion “Identifying Muslim Men”.

The discussion continues to redefining masculinity, the identity crisis among youth today, overcoming the challenges of immodesty and pornography and much more!

Table of Contents:
0:00 – Episode preview
2:05 – Clarifying feminine vs. masculine traits
7:15 – Clearing up the differing definitions of manhood
12:50 – Identity crisis and the role of men
17:35 – Importance of fatherhood
19:35 – Negative impact of pornography
21:15 – Practical steps on maintaining modesty
28:30 – Difference of Islamic and modern worldview

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