Musings of a Muslimah Mama

Although the women in my mother’s generation didn’t have Facebook and Instagram for support, many of them had something else: A village.

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Imancipation Project

Jummah Mubarak

Often times, we as sisters may not take advantage of the blessings on Fridays because jumah salah is not mandatory for us. However, jumahs are very blessed days of the…

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The Imancipation Project

Imancipation is an exclusive sisters-only workshop, aimed at revitalizing and cultivating the iman of Muslim women. Featuring a keynote speaker and three engaging workshops, Imancipation will critically address and respond…

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Muhajibis From Mars!!

Ever walk down a hallway and feel like you’re being looked upon as if you’re from another planet? With the occasional stares lasting from a few seconds up to minutes…

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