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    Photo of State of the Ummah

    State of the Ummah

    Looking at the news today can be an extremely difficult and heartbreaking process, especially as a Muslim and seeing the extreme horrors and tragedies that are befalling our brothers and sisters worldwide, while in general there is still an overall hatred and distrust of us and our deen. The state of the Muslims in Xinjiang is, like many of the other similar scenes, a harsh reality that we may at times try to avoid to save ourselves from the pain and discomfort. We feel helpless and powerless and that there is nothing that we can do to change anything about it.…

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    Photo of Good Vs. Bad Emotions

    Good Vs. Bad Emotions

    Human beings experience a range of emotions in their daily lives – from happiness to sadness to anger to shame and so on. With these emotional experiences, we often hear discussions of whether such an emotion is good or bad, desirable or to be avoided. For example, broader society often views anger as a negative emotion, one to be avoided or suppressed. Sadness is also often considered undesirable; after all, who wants to be sad or shed tears? Other emotions, like happiness or excitement, are pursued with great intensity at times. In fact, the pursuit of ‘happiness’ is what many…

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    Photo of Courage to Obey

    Courage to Obey

    When we absorb the beauty and tranquility of the Holy city of Madinah al-Munawarrah and how this city paved the way for a thriving Islamic community, we can’t help but wonder how migrating to this great city even became a possibility for the early Muslims. Times were extremely difficult in Makkah and the continuous onslaught of persecution kept barraging the Muslims without letting up. At the same time, a group of a small number of Muslims that had embraced Islam in Madinah started to worry and decided to extend their support in whatever way possible. It was Jaabir ibn Abdullah…

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